nQueue Overview

nQueue Billback provides cost recovery and information accountability tools by doing much more than simply “counting clicks.” Our software, branded iA for Information Accountability, captures data related to any business expense to and uses that information to help clients recover, manage and control costs. iA software can be embedded directly into multi-function devices or reside on tablet computers or terminals.

We serve 35% of the largest law firms in the United States and five of the top 10 globally and 95% of the Top South African law firms.

nQueue Product & Services

nQueue Billback's products, branded iA for Information Accountability, provide much more than traditional "make a copy, bill for a copy" Cost Recovery. iA captures more data more accurately while enabling firms to manage and control costs firm-wide.

All nQueue Billback iA products feature our exclusive Adaptive Intelligence technology. Adaptive Intelligence simplifies the user experience by anticipating the user's needs and minimising the work necessary to accomplish them.


Adaptive Intelligence's unique algorithm automatically pushes best match information to the top of the screen and instantly provides users with the correct client/matter information. It also predicts how the user will use the software and intelligently shows the right options to allow the user to move to the right field, area or screen without a click. The result is fewer keystrokes, less effort and more work accomplished in less time. Our software offerings can be embedded directly into multi-function devices or reside on tablet computers or terminals.

Predictive Bills 

Client & STAFF Management

  1. Improved Governance and Compliance

  2. Improved profitability

  3. Enhanced Efficiency

Does your law firm regularly gather meaningful data? Does this data help you analyse and improve billing, collection, cost control, process workflows and cost management?

nQueue lives to solve your firm’s information workflow challenges. We create technology that streamlines your workflow processes so you can focus on what you do best. With our cost recovery solutions, you benefit from ease of use, enhanced security, integrated workflow and platform connections, improved firm productivity and cost savings. Most importantly, you gain a long-term, trusted partner with more than a 25-year track record – one that genuinely cares about your success regardless of your firm’s size.

With a proper cost recovery system in place, you can expect numerous firm-wide benefits, along with an immediate return on your investment.