24/7 Availability

Enterprise hardware used

Private Networking

 Easily setup private networking between multiple virtual servers. 

Proudly South African

 Founded and engineered by South Africans. 

Instant Setup

Deploy your server within a few hours.

Always In Control

Your data is secure and high available.


Automatic protection against Ransomware.

Premium Bandwidth

No shaping or limitations, just high quality bandwidth connects your server to the internet.

Backup Services

Your data is always backed-up.


South Africa's number ONE cost recovery solution for Law Firms launched into the cloud 2019.

Khwezi's nQueue Cloud Cost Recovery is the only cost recovery solution that offers a full modular cloud service offering, with a SINGLE integration point for all types of transactions that can be billed back into the law firms Practice Management software.

Features Include:

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Mobile Phones

  • Landline or VoIP

  • eMails

  • Printing

  • Copying

  • Scanning


Khwezi works with your IT department to ensure all protocols are in place for a smooth experience.


Servers are hosted in Cape Town South Africa, premium bandwidth connects your Virtual Server to the internet with no contention ratio or shaping, just pure quality.


Peered with NAPAfrica who is a neutral, layer 2 Internet eXchange (IX) point, located within specific Teraco data centre facilities in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa, which ensures connectivity to your server takes the shortest and quickest route. 


Khwezi's nQueue Cloud Cost Recovery is a fully managed service from start to finish which includes on-going support and software licences that never expire.


Modular in design to allow you to choose which features will best work for your business.

4 users systems to 800+ user solutions, make nQueue South Africa's most affordable solution for Law Firms.

Our guarantee is improved revenue generated, improved management of matters, clients and staff.