Improved Fee Capture

Directors & Associates

nQueue’s Cost Recovery system increases efficiency, profitability and guarantees an immediate return-on-investment.

  • Information accountability – Improve firm billing and collection.

  • Easy to use for attorneys and staff –Capture, Process and Act.  Do it once and only print if needed. 

  • Capture all data.  Collect expense data from Print, Copy, Scan, Phone, Mobile Phones and more.

  • Recover more costs – Capture a higher percentage of measurable data.

  • Automate processes to limit staff exceptions.

  • Business intelligence – Understand and improve firm profitability by matter, client, practice group, office and more.

  • nQueue is trusted by your most respected peers.​

Value Add

Information Technolgy

nQueue’s Cost Recovery solution works with current office technology and performs optimally on a daily basis.

  • Flexible interfaces – Embed Cost Recovery into MFDs, on tablet PCs or in traditional terminals.

  • Easy access – Access data and reports from any device, anywhere and at any time with the Cost Recovery thin-client.

  • Secure – Reduce your risk with a secure information process. By protecting your data, you reduce your firms vulnerability.

  • Integration with existing technology – Integrate your Cost Recovery system seamlessly with all major legal software platforms.

  • Buy-it-once Guarantee – Get all software updates and upgrades for no additional charge. Your firm always runs on the most current version.

  • Vendor management – Leverage more information to receive better service and reduced costs from outside service providers.

Benefits for

Accounts Department

Out-the-Box integration with all Practice Management Software:

Southern Africa 

  • GhostPractice

  • LegalSuite

  • AJS

  • LMS (PracPro)

  • Practice Manager

  • LexPro

  • CMS

  • Elite (Global & Local)

  • Pastel

Automated and seamless integration simplifies invoicing and enhance accuracy and proves overall billing and attorney client experience.

  • Report and analyze – Make better financial projections and decisions with greater insight into the firm’s operations.

  • Reduce financial leakage — Reduce write-offs, no-pays and missed billable transactions, which leads to improved timeliness and accuracy. You can also eliminate manual input of costs.